10 Best Places to Travel in May

10 Best Places to Travel in May

The month of May is generally considered the start of the summer season. The temperatures in tropical countries start to rise starting from this month. With the temperatures remaining conducive for travel during this period, there are many who plan their travel holidays around the month of May. There are several places around the globe where the crowds generally prefer traveling during the month of June to August, visiting such places can be a great idea as they are less crowdie during the month of May.  There are several unique festivals centered on this time that can get our May holidays worth the travel. Some of the best places for travel in May are as follows:


Nepal ranks high in the order amongst the places to travel in May.  During this time of the year, the skies here are duck-egg blue and there is some time left for the rains to arrive. In June after the rainy season starts, Getting involved in mountainous adventure sports sounds next to unimaginable. Moreover, may is also the birth month of Gautama Buddha and there are many festivities all over the country that we may be thrilled to be a part of. The ceremony is associated with madal-beating (drum) and street dancing celebrations which can present us a unique kind of an experience. Though the rates may be considerably higher compared to other months for a visit to this place, it is during May that we can explore the country to the fullest. The trails from Namche to base camp are so busy that we must hold onto tour our patience while taking into consideration the Annapurna circuit. Nepal definitely appears as an attractive spot for our May holidays owing to the above factors.


Greece may be considered a possible destination for our May holidays. Visiting Greece during this month can be considered as a shoulder season gamble as the weather may get temperamental but can promise much lesser crowds. It depends on an individual’s taste as to what he wants to enjoy more from a place. If spending longer time on the beach is the main purpose, a visit in August or June would be best suited. On the other hand, May can be considered as the ideal time for a visit if we are after Crete, Santorini, Athens and the Parthenon sans tourist hordes. The temperature tends to swing around twenty-one degrees centigrade mark which can be considered as an ideal temperature for strolling the old streets of Delos or haggling in a Mykonos marketplace.  Moreover, we also get to be a part of festivities such as Corfu Beach Festival, May Day, and the annual Rhodian Flower Festival that can make Greece one of the best places to travel in may.


Italy ranks amongst the best places to travel in May. Though Italy is found to be swelling with tourists during the period of June to August, it is during May the canniest travelers pay a visit to the country. The crowds are much less like in Greece during this time and the temperatures are at an optimum range for sightseeing. Though it may rain a bit at the beginning of the month, the skies tend to get clearer after the first fifteen days.  Prime attractions in Italy during the month of may include heading to Tuscany for tranquil cellar door pitstops and a visit to Florence for the annual Festa del Grilli. We may also enjoy snacking on in-season fava beans, tomatoes and strawberries at a Monti street café on Rome. Planning our May holidays in Italy is not at all a bad idea owing to the enjoyable moments on offer.


America is a big country to travel having several tourist destinations, so we have to first prepare a proper traveling schedule. Amongst the main places to visit, we must definitely try visiting Kentucky derby if we happen to pass by the Appalachians. A visit to the Grand Canyon during May can be a wonderful decision as the snows have started melting and the summer crowds have still not started clogging up the viewing platforms. Moreover, the North Rim that closes during the winters reopens on fifteenth may for the new season. America is one of the best places to travel in May as the regions of Cape Cod, Pittsburg, and New England begin to bloom during this period. It can be considered as an exciting place to visit for our May holidays.


Though Morocco can turn out to a hot place for a visit during May, several festivities during the month make the place a must visit during the time. The Festival of the Roses in the town of Kelaa-des-Mgouna is a prime attraction and attracts visitors from all-round the globe. The festival involves preparation of rose water from over 700 tonnes of petals that are harvested from the valleys. The festival is associated with traditional dancing, singing, and eating that can turn out to be quite the experience. The temperatures hover around the twenty-one degrees centigrade mark and the rivers are found to come alive during the time. The melt waters are found to run off the high atlas with flowers and festivals taking over the country. A unique experience awaits us in Morocco on planning our May holidays there. Owing to the unpredictability and excitement of varying proportions Morocco can be counted as one of the best places to travel in may.



The Bahamas are quite famed as a traveling destination. Planning our May holidays to the Bahamas might prove to be an excellent idea as the prices begin to drop substantially. Moreover, the humidity is found to be low, the water bath-like and there is practically no chance of hurricanes. The temperature is around twenty-nine-degree centigrade giving an appearance of a cool off after summer months. The islands and beaches are much less crowded awarding much easier booking of flights. Owing to the above factors of lesser crowds and financial savings, the Bahamas ranks amongst the best places to travel in may.


Like the US, Australia is also a place with too many regional variations. Owing to the regional variations the different parts of Australia experience different kinds of weather in the month of May. In one hand Victoria may be experiencing slight drizzles while the Far North region of Queensland is having crisp clear sunny days. In spite of the regional variety, a trip to the Wild West coast of Australia may be considered as one of the best places to travel in may. The Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth in the west coast are famous for the appearance of white sharks during this time. May is considered the start of the dry season and it is during this time the whale sharks are found to appear off the coast cruising the warm waters above the reef. There is an annual Whale shark festival in town that can be quite unique in terms of a traveling experience. The major highlight of our May holidays would be to dive off the boat in order to swim alongside the biggest fish in the world.

Czech Republic

Prague is a fascinating place to visit irrespective of the time of the year. The weather is excellent throughout the year and the visiting tourists are found to be a happy lot. Though it’s the same for maximum months, Prague makes the list of best places to travel in May owing to the color and concerts during this month of the year. The city’s appearance is found to change during the time with baskets dangling from every street corner and windowsill. The magnolia trees are out in full blossom accompanied by the epic Prague Spring music festival. There is also a lot to cherish for brew-loving people as there’s also the Czech Beer Festival accompanied by a local feast involving the country’s best chefs. May holidays in Prague can be an exciting opportunity for the emergence of a refreshed self.


Spain counts amongst the best places to travel in may owing to the several festivities and lesser crowds. Barcelona, a major Spanish city is characterized in May by the festival of sangria that involves the Catalan sun, a good company, and plates of Jamon Iberico. The summer cruise crowds are still low and the weather makes swimming idyllic. The temperatures hover in the mid twenty degrees and we can booze our way in a rooftop bar waiting for the evening to unfold. People having a fun loving nature must check out the Ciutat Flamenco Festival to be held in the Mercat de Les Flors for everlasting memories. Spending our May holidays in Spain can get really exciting, to say the least.



Peru is another destination that must make the list amongst the best places for travel in May. This time of the year is considered the best time for a hike to Peru’s iconic trail through the Andes. The season is also less crowdie as the big crowds don’t arrive until late June. The temperatures up in the mountains are still low and we must ensure carrying warm clothes. Amongst the various attractions linked to the place, we must not miss the indigenous pilgrimage to the peak of Mt Ausangate. The very sight of local people attempting to climb the mountain, some with blocks of ice on their backs can make our May holidays worth the purpose of visit.

10 Best Places to Travel in May